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Take water as a commodity out of Wall street

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The planet always has the same amount of water. Water tables on land are going down. The water levels in the ocean are going up. Human consumption, land-based water storage accounts for 42% of the observed sea-level rise between 1961 and 2003. The extraction of groundwater for irrigation and home and industrial use, with subsequent run-off to rivers and eventually to the oceans, represents the bulk of the contribution. Human Use of Water Found to Contribute to Sea-Level Rise: Scientific American Picture a scale holding continually the same amount of water, one side is land the other side is ocean, but the water on land is running to the ocean side. The media tells us the next wars will be fought over water because we are running out. Why then are we allowing so much water to be wasted on fracking? Why are we allowing water to be polluted?

My investor advised me to buy into water companies because “that is where the next big money is going to be”, he said.

Water is a basic human need for survival. It’s our second most important resource next to air. Large corporations are buying up water rights all over this country. Right now the supreme court is hearing cases on who owns particular water rights, a state or a corporation? Battles all over the west are happening because those who own water rights want to drain one area of its precious resource in order to sell it to another state like Las Vegas to expand an already unsustainable development in a desert with little water and over crowded tract houses.

An area with no water will pay more for water than an area that has its own ground water.

Profits can determine which community gets to survive and which community gets cut off and depleted. Big profits should not be the guiding principles of how we capture, move, store, and deliver our most precious resource. Profits should not influence water quality. Profits should not determine who owns the water that falls on your roof. You should have access and be able to use all water that falls on the property you own. Right now if you live in Colorado you can not collect the water that falls on your own roof. Profits should not control our most precious resource.

I believe we the people should own our countries water, all of it. A government agency should maintain, PROTECT, and invest in this MOST precious resource. Nationalize water, and take water as a commodity out of Wall street.

Profit machines are responsible for the depleting water tables on land. Profits are responsible for our lack of rebuilding our water tables on land. Profits are responsible for the high cost of our water. When we allow a few to buy up and take over the rights of our precious resource water, un-equal access and loss of control is where we are headed. Water is a human right, one we can not live without. We the people must collectively own the rights to all water. We must collectively protect the quality of our waters. We must collectively share this resource. And let’s stop building in areas that do not have water.

We must collectively decide a restorative plan for this basic human need.

Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share



Written by Linda

October 26, 2012 at 1:08 am

Cabbage Butterflies

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Recently my garden has been full of butterflies. Tons of white cabbage butterflies, a few Monarchs, Swallow tails and an unknown small brown variety. Of course, with butterflies come caterpillars. When I noticed my Kale had been eaten completely bare, I thought I was being generous by sharing with the butterflies. Turns out that bare stock the caterpillars left with no leaves on it,  is now the healthiest kale plant I have. I think I owe it to my friends the cabbage butterflies. When cows eat grass their saliva has an enzyme that promotes the re-growth of the grass. The caterpillars must also leave an enzyme the promotes the re-growth of my kale as well.

This is how my Kale stocks look after I have been eating the kale. Bare.


This is what the stock looks like after the butterflies have been feasting. Notice the new growth on the top and all the way down the stock!


Written by Linda

October 6, 2012 at 6:53 pm

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