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Cabbage Butterflies

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Recently my garden has been full of butterflies. Tons of white cabbage butterflies, a few Monarchs, Swallow tails and an unknown small brown variety. Of course, with butterflies come caterpillars. When I noticed my Kale had been eaten completely bare, I thought I was being generous by sharing with the butterflies. Turns out that bare stock the caterpillars left with no leaves on it,  is now the healthiest kale plant I have. I think I owe it to my friends the cabbage butterflies. When cows eat grass their saliva has an enzyme that promotes the re-growth of the grass. The caterpillars must also leave an enzyme the promotes the re-growth of my kale as well.

This is how my Kale stocks look after I have been eating the kale. Bare.


This is what the stock looks like after the butterflies have been feasting. Notice the new growth on the top and all the way down the stock!



Written by Linda

October 6, 2012 at 6:53 pm

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