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Chip Osborne

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1557502_527831957315740_64952976_nChip Osborne has created a natural organic systems approach to turf management. Not product based but scientifically addressing the needs of the turf and the SOIL! His ground breaking approach shared in Malibu this week has had success on the east coast for 30 years. The land of granola, CA, is far far behind the curve in understanding how to get off chemical fertilizers and pesticides compared to his home town in Marblehead Massachusetts where they have banned all pesticides. Because Chip builds and feeds soil his turf is more beautiful and more resilient than conventional chemical soaked lawns. Chip believes there is too much lawn in the country, but where ball fields are needed and someone just can’t live without their lawn he has an earth friendly, child friendly and wildlife friendly system to successfully grow turf.

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Written by Linda

January 30, 2014 at 7:14 am